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Poetry Slam: „Roots“ by Frederick von Seydewitz

„Roots“ by Frederick von Seydewitz

It all started some billion years ago
mass and energy kissed under a mistletoe
and then, the universe started to grow.
But we also all know
that living beings developed very slow.
But what happened then, evolutional disaster,
humans developed unfortunately even faster
created useless jobs like a quizmaster
or a weather forecaster.
So when mother nature was giving birth,
she really did not bless the earth
with the creation of the human being
stupidly on sidewalks peeing.
In fact, we’re all the same
secretly crying in the opera of La Bohème
but then people started, what a shame,
giving themselves a name
and so, the individual was born,
since then everybody’s torn
between what we were doing in the past
and what our grandchildren are going to ask.
Now apparently the only thing that still counts,
is how much money we have on our bank accounts.
And now we’re sitting there in the Garden Eden,
eating poisoned red fruits,
because the only thing that lasts forever,
are our roots.